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Good news you may not have heard.

A great story about the Temple Owls…

Temple has shown up a lot in the futility items in this column this year, so it feels good to have something nice to write about the Owls this week. Before their game against Clemson Oct. 12, Temple’s players voted unanimously to donate their per diem checks, $1,500 in all, to the Fahmarr McElrathbey Trust Fund.Fahmarr is the younger brother of Clemson’s Ray-Ray McElrathbey. As you may have heard, Ray-Ray took temporary custody of his 11-year-old brother this summer to get him out of the house of their mother, who is struggling with drug addiction. The NCAA has allowed Ray-Ray to accept donations to a fund for his brother’s care. Classy move by Al Golden’s kids to make the donation.

A wonderful sportsmanship and humantarian story from a college football team. Sad that this story comes at the end of a long article. You’d think that ESPN would highlight this story a bit more in light of the other college football story we’ve all been hearing about lately.

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I admit it. I’m a “lounge lizard”

Laugh if you want, but Luxuria Music is awesome!!!!

It’s a genetic condition, by the way.  My grandfather had it too.

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Things I don’t have a problem with

This is one of them…

A death-row inmate slit his own throat with a makeshift knife early Thursday, committing suicide about 15 hours before he was scheduled to be executed, a prison official said.

Michael Dewayne Johnson, 29, was on death row for the 1995 killing of a convenience store clerk near Waco.

Soon to be executed prisoners killing themselves is something I don’t have a problem with.

And, yes, I understand that there are questions about whether he killed the guy or not, but we’ve been passed the point of arguing that for a very long time.  The real moral of the story is not to get yourself involved in something that could easily lead you or the people you’re with to kill someone.  Particularly in Texas, of all places.

I sympathize with the victim, who was involved in helping, not hurting others and got shot and killed for his troubles.

Sympathy for the killers?  Not so much.

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