You gotta beef with me? Huh? Punk?

This is an experiment about arguing called “the Masters of Debate“, so please, if you’re up to it..and I hope you are… here are the rules.
There are no exceptions for any rule that follows, so don’t ask.

If you have a issue, anything at all, that you would like me (A guy in Denver, watching television on my, a couch, mostly) to discuss, or opine upon, please leave a polite query in the comments section about it.

I will consider any issues put forward (anything, and everything no matter how inane, odd or obscure, is cheerfully accepted) and I’ll post my honest, good faith opinion about them.

Anyone with thoughts about any opinion they would like to discuss more, please leave a rationed, polite response.

Please participate with honesty, humor, sportsmanship and good cheer.
All of us will let the chips fall where they may, however, everone is responsible for their words here at all times. If you ought not say it, don’t.

Don’t be offended.
Please no swearing. I really try not to curse, because I’m really good at it, but any argument shouldn’t contain swearing because, well, we’re typing.

Please don’t resort to name calling. If that’s the best argument you got, you ain’t got much.Everyone enters with a clean slate, and all discussion will be conducted in good faith. Everyone will be judged by everyone else on their conduct here, and here alone.
You don’t have to like an opinion, you do have to respect it. Everyone’s opinion is considered crazy and disagreeable to someone.

Support your arguments with verifable evidence linked to your comments. Better evidence makes a better argument.

Anyone’s well-reasoned, thoughtful, good-faith opinions are welcome whether they’re from murderers or millionaires. “Judge not lest Ye be Judged”.

Comments made here, and here alone, will be used to judge fellow commenters. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rules are in effect.

What goes on these pages, stays on these pages. If you want to reproduce anything you want to, but let the people involved know you’re doing it, and give them credit. Respect any request not to print, and comply. It’s all agree or none.

Those are the rules. Let’s all see what happens.

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