They know how to party

I had to read this twice…..

An Erie mother has been ticketed on suspicion of child abuse after taking her 17-month-old son to the emergency room because he became severely intoxicated from drinking wine.

I went through a range of emotions when reading this. First shock, then laughter, then anger, then laughter, then finally a little outrage.

Why laughter? Because all I could think about was that this was how the folks who were for Prohibition got started.  I also had a mental picture of Stewie slurring insults at everyone.  Very funny.

And now the outrage.

Seriously, the kid came by and drank the glass without the mom knowing. How many of you parents watch your kid 24-7-365? Those of you raising your hands are liars.

This was a mistake, mostly by the kid, but also by the mom. She did the right thing by taking the kid to the hospital, and being honest with the medical staff. What did that get her? A ticket, and a possible felony.

The message to parents now becomes that if you make any mistake with your kid and try to take them to a hospital to get help, beware. There is no doctor/patient confidentiality any longer, and you will be considered guilty of any and everything the hospital staff thinks you are.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, if this mother hadn’t told nurse Kelly Galloway that she had let the kid have sips on previous occasions, something quite a few parents do to try to ease the curiosity of alcohol, would she have been in trouble? Heck no! But in, what has always been assumed, a confidential moment, when the woman is scared, and just wanting to see her son well, she let that statement slip and ol’ Kelly Galloway had to tell the cops.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Galloway totally.  Laws say that they have to tell the cops if they hear stuff that they think is illegal.  That said, is Galloway that much of a prude or that wonderful of a parent, that she believes that giving a sip of wine to a child is  a terrible crime and must be reported?

All that has happened here is that the next parent that comes in with a sick child is going to be a lot less forthcoming about giving information to doctors.  And when that child dies because the doctors gave the kid the wrong thing, or didn’t accurately diagnose the problem because of a lack of facts, the hospital will be sued.

This is not that I think the woman is a saint.  Certainly giving the kid cold medicine and pain killers to calm the child down raises my eyebrows.  But because of the way this woman and her child were treated by the staff at the hospital, they have tainted the trust that we used to have in doctors, and created a more dangerous situation for everyone.

Not good.  Not good at all.

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