Why Amtrak sounds pretty good right now

I was following the Cory Lidle Plane Crash all day, and in the meantime this happens in my own backyard…

A jetliner reporting problems with its landing gear landed safely Wednesday at Denver International Airport.Chuck Cannon said there were no injuries in the incident that happened at about 6:30 p.m. The 156 passengers and five crewmembers were taken off the Delta Airlines plane and bused to the terminal.Delta spokeswoman Gina Laughlin said Flight 1636 from Salt Lake City was starting to land at the Denver airport when the trouble began.

“The nose gear would not extend downward, so the pilots followed their standard procedure and landed the airplane with the nose gear in the up position,” Laughlin said.As the MD-90 model plane approached and made contact with the runway, a few sparks from the tip of the plane flared. The plane came to a complete stop safely.A Delta maintenance team was inspecting the plane, she added.

Reading about all these plane “problems” makes me pretty glad the price of gas is going down. I see long driving trips in my future, because, as they say, “flying is for the birds”.

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