When audiences attack – The “Babs” edition

A talk show host, with whom I got my start in radio, always likes to say, “tell me where you sit before you tell me where you stand”.

I good idea.

I don’t like Barbara Streisand, and not because she’s, in my opinion, freakin’ nuts.  I didn’t watch any of her movies, and I don’t listen to her music.  I’m just not her demographic.

That being said, I think “Babs” had it right by telling the the audience to “Shut the F**K up” and “shut up if you can’t take a joke”.

If you don’t know that Streisand was gonna bash the President in this tour, you haven’t been listening.  She said she was doing a political tour when it was first announced.  You also haven’t been listening to Streisand talk in the last couple years.  When it comes to Bush Derangement Syndrome, she has it bad.  So if you go to her concert…in an election year…on a tour she touts as political…and are surprised by the politics, that’s your fault.  And then to be so shocked that you would think heckling her, even after she asked you nicely to stop, is a good idea makes you not only an idiot, but a buffoon as well.

Heckling to the point of making the performer swear at you is bad form…really bad form. Interrupting the show like this idiot did makes the heckler the ass, not Babs.   If you were truly shocked and offended…leave.  Get your money back, but don’t stop others from enjoying the show.

You’d think this would be common sense, but I guess if it were common, everyone would have it.

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