In the press box…..Broncos v. Ravens

I get bored sitting up here so I think I’ll blog about it.

6:39p…….”Imagine that. A 6:30p game starting at 6:39p” – other reporter to be known as “Cal Bear”

6:43p……..Fix the “4” key on my keyboard. It falls off from time to time. First down Baltimore. Dang Steve McNair has some speed, and as I say that, he gets sacked by the Broncos. 12:03 left in the first quarter

6:50p……..Gotta throw away the food tonight. I’ll wait for hotdogs and cookies later. Broncos on offense, oops not for long, Tatum Bell fumbles. Yikes! 10:03 left in the first quarter

7:08p…….Wireless went out. went to get cookies. They have good cookies. The Ravens are up 3-0 after recovering the above fumble. Good stop. 2:29 left in first quarter

7:11p…….Jake throws a long interception to Samari Rolle. Not a good throw, Jake. At least it was way down field. 2:22 left in the first quarter

7:12p……..Big hit by the Broncos. Flag thrown, but no penalty.

7:17p……..Another big hit. Good defense.

7:21p……..More wireless trouble. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll stop.

7:22p……..good punt. Broncos are backed up to the two yard line. 12:47 left in second quarter

7:25p……..nice long run for Tatum Bell. That kinda makes up for the fumble. And another long run. Someone must have yelled at him and got him mad. 10:41 left in second quarter

7:29p……..Dang! Gotta go get another drink. The cups are small, but it’s free so no complaining.

7:35p……..Nice stop by a lucky Al Wilson, but it forces the punt. And a great return by Darrent Williams. Let’s see if Denver can take advantage of great field position. 7:13 left in the second quarter

7:39p…….A defensive battle, that’s for sure. Tatum Bell is running hard tonight after that fumble. Another incomplete for Plummer on third down. Not good. A field goal try to tie. (Heh… try to tie….it rhymes). It’s good and we’re tied at three apiece. 4:54 left in second quarter

7:44p…….It’s funny how you can always hear the girls scream through the glass, calling for Jake Plummer’s head. It must be the higher voice, but it’s disconcerting to hear the shrillness. It’s funny though, I have to admit.

7:47p…….A Mitch “Blood” Green reference. That takes me back. “CalBear” is talking about Green’s revolutionary television he had mounted on the dash of his Cadilac in the eighties. Green’s claim to fame was getting beat up by Mike Tyson on the streets of New York city. Two minute warning: First Half

7:50p…….Nearly a pick by Darrent Williams, but the crowd chants “in-com-plete” like they always do. I would think they’d be tired of that one by now, but you never know what will stick around.

7:53p…….A big hit! A better catch by the Raven’s Derrick Mason…..and a review. I don’t know why. It was a great catch. And upheld. See? Ravens ball on the eleven. 1:01 left in second quarter

7:55p…….A large play right here….just sayin.

7:59p…….After two great stops, an interception by Champ Bailey. I tell ya, you shouldn’t throw his way. Now Jake and Co are back out there. 6 yards total passing yards right now. A kneel down and it’s halftime. 3-3. A defensive struggle. As “CalBear” says, “If both defenses play great, is it really a struggle?”. Good point. Halftime

8:12p…….I have to say, the Marine Corp Silent Drill Team is very good. Got two small drinks instead of one. Yea me!

8:20p……Great News! Plummer has more than 10 yards passing. 17 to be exact. A punt none-the-less. Great defense for Denver as well. This game may end in a 3-3 tie. ugghhh! 12:12 left in the third quarter

8:24p……Just talked to my Dad. We agree. We’re glad were not outside at this game. It’s cold. I’m shocked it’s not snowing. Rain and 32 degrees is no fun. Glad I’m in the press box. Think I’ll go get another cookie.

8:26p……It is quiet in here though. Feel like you have to whisper. It should be “The Library at Invesco Field.” Jake had running room and overthrew the receiver. He should have kept it. Easy for me to say. 5 of 13 for 24 yards. Not great. Not even good. 10:23 left in third quarter

8:31…….Fumble! But McNair’s on the ground…no wait, it was a fumble, but Baltimore recovered. I wonder how that happened? No one around the Bronco player. Baltimore Timeout: 8:44 left in third

8:38p…..Two pass completion in a row. Plummer’s warming up. He’s nearly doubled his total passing yards with those two passes. Still not seeing this game be more than a 3-3 tie. But a third pass completion in a row. A streak. 4:45 left in the third quarter

8:41p….Four straight pass completions now. Followed by two big hits on Plummer. I’d think he’d want to keep those pass completions coming rather than get hit in this weather. And the fifth pass is incomplete. Another punt. 2:36 left in the third quarter

8:48p…..A real offensive struggle. 3-3 tie…still. End of the third quarter

8:50p…..I just realized that I don’t have my headphones for the minidisc player. Doh!! That’s not good.

8:54p…..Surprising stat of the night. So far, Al Wilson has 14 tackles. That’s a lot. Plus there’s still a lot of time. Ooooh, and a bad punt by the Ravens. 10 yards? Oof. 12:32 left in the fourth quarter

8:55p…..By the way. Had to get a hotdog….a chili hotdog. I’ll pay for that later.

8:58p……Look at Jake go!!! What a run, but HE FUMBLES…out of bounds. Wheew!!! See Jake Run. Run Jake Run. Nice Run Jake. 10:29 left in fourth quarter

9:00p…..Nice catch for Rod Smith. I thought he was hit out of bounds, but it’s wet out, so no flag. First down though.

9:02p…..Just got the stats through the third quarter. 55.6 QB rating for McNair. 34.0 rating for Plummer. That says it all really. A forty-four yard field goal is…….GOOD! Broncos lead 6 -3. And the fireworks go off….for a field goal. They were saving those wern’t they. 8:03 left in the fourth quarter

9:05p…..They just announced crowd. My favorite part. Apparently there were some 3500 no-shows at the game and the crowd gave them the biggest boos. I laugh everytime. It’s been that way for at least 40 years. they should be booed. Give those tickets to someone who’ll use them dang it. Like Zombyboy.

9:11p…..The offenses have been, well, offensive, but the defenses have come to play tonight. And as I say that, INTERCEPTION by Darrent Williams. Nice play. Like I said, the defenses came to play. A typical Baltimore game. It’s surprising Baltimore isn’t winning this one, but Denver’s defense is playing better than Baltimore right now. 6:47 left in fourth quarter

9:14p…..Boy, can Javon Walker can go up and get ’em. A first down and a highlight for Walker. 6:00p left in the fourth quarter

9:18p…..John Lynch has pinched nerve. Questionable. Broncos getting close to a touchdown. Look for Javon Walker. He’s been on fire!

9:19p….Timeout Broncos. Shanahan needed to make sure that Plummer gets the ball to Walker.

9:20p….It’s the two-minute warning. Gotta head down to the field. I hope they give it to Walker. More after the interviews.

10:07P…Just got back from the locker room.

Well, to answer my own observation. The touchdown didn’t go to Javon Walker, but Rod Smith is just as good. Barely got down to the field in time. I was able to grab a few players on the field. It sounds a lot better than in the locker room.Best quote: Bronco Linebacker D.J. Williams when asked, by me, about who’s defense is better. His answer? “I don’t wanna get into that. Look at the scoreboard. Period.” Nice.

Talked with John Lynch briefly. He was injured earlier, but said he was o.k. He even thanked me for asking him. A nice guy.

Got to ask the first question of Jake Plummer again. Two times in a row at home. The question? “How good is your defense?” Didn’t want to ask nasty questions after this win.

I also interviewed Champ Bailey, but was rudely interrupted…by Domonique Foxworth, who also had a pick, so it was o.k. And also very funny. Only stayed in Mike Shanahan’s press conference for awhile.

Another surprise statistic from tonight? The Broncos become only the second team in the history of the NFL to only give up one touchdown in four games. That tells you everything you need to know about the defense.

10:22p….Best non-injury of the night?  Jake Plummer, who stands on a step for interviews, got a wobbly one tonight and almost fell off it.  He showed great balance and agility by keeping his feet.

Overall, a good win against a great defensive team in terrible weather.  People will complain about the offense, but the NFL is a “just win baby” league.  There are no style points.  The fact is, the Broncos are 4-1 with a quality win over the Ravens.  The Bronco fans should be happy with this game…and this, dare I say, “historic” defense.  Folks don’t want to play the Broncos, that’s for dang sure.

…of course that could all change next week, against the Raiders next Sunday night.

What’s with all the night games, by the way?

Gotta go cut up tape, so I’m outta the press box for this evening.  Goodnight.

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