Fun for the whole family

This should be interesting…

The Columbus Day Parade on Saturday is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. and include nearly 600 participants, more than 100 vehicles, and numerous floats, Denver police say. The parade will start at 15th Street and Court Place, proceed down 15th Street to Stout Street, turn right to 17th Street, and then continue down 17th Street to Broadway and end at 14th Avenue.

See? Fun for the whole family…that is if your family likes parades that, in the past, have had protests, mini riots, arrests, vandalism, and even Molotov cocktails. You see, apparently there are some folks that are a touch mad a other folks celebrating “Columbus Day”, and get all feisty. Then there are the folks that like celebrating “Columbus Day”, and get a touch mad that those other folks get all feisty, so they get all feisty too.

And as my mom always used to say about the “old” country and parades…“When folks feel feisty, factions figure to find fellow feisty folks’ faces…forces fighting.”

Don’t tell me which “old country” she is talking about…she never told me.

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