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No longer surprised

This is becoming so typical….

Vandals hit Republican Rick O’Donnell’s campaign headquarters sometime Tuesday night, defacing a sign and littering the parking lot with nails.

I used to be shocked and disappointed when stuff like this happened. I’m still disappointed, but I’m no longer shocked.

I guess these dorks new motto is “if you don’t have a good argument, vandalize something….cause that’ll show ’em.” or maybe “saving the world, one upturned nail at a time.” or even “give me liberty or give me….some spray paint so I can act like a ten year old having a tantrum.

Classy folks, just classy….classy with a capital ASS that is…

At least Ed Perlmutter’s campaign issued this statement.

Perlmutter’s campaign said it knows nothing about the damage and condemned the vandalism.

“This is sad,” Perlmutter spokesman Scott Chase said. “Politics is nasty enough.

“We’ll disagree on the issues and on public policy, but that type of behavior would never be condoned. Our supporters would never be responsible for doing that and Rick knows that.” (emphasis mine)

Ed, Scott…we all know who’s supporters were responsible for this, now don’t we? I mean I appreciate the condemnation, but sometime I’d like to hear a candidate actually tell their supporters to knock it off rather than cover for them.

Someday it will happen….maybe…..or maybe not.

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“My longest day” or the “Why I didn’t touch my blog today” post

I had all sorts of interesting things to say about current events.  I really did.

But I had kind of a long day….

Let’s see…awake extra early and rush to get to a meeting…internship work until lunch….pizza break that takes longer than it should…..rush home……get five minutes to eat standing over sink…feeling rushed….rush to afternoon meeting….rush to be a guest lecturer for a class…..rush to soccer practice….rush back to grad school class….have dinner with girlfriend….rush home to watch Avs hockey opener…..relax on cou…jknmlzzldgazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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