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Night Game

The team is trying to break their two game losing streak tonight. The game’s at 7:00p under the lights, which makes it a big game. Plus, if we win this game, we win the League title. That doesn’t mean we go to the State playoffs, but it would be a huge step. As I told the kids yesterday, we lost our home winning streak on Friday, we might as well break the road losing streak tonight.

Any suggestions on how to get the kids to play better on the road, or just play better, would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE:  One of the best games of which I’ve ever been a part.  My team struck first and added another in the second half.  The other team tied the game at two before we regained the lead with fifteen minutes to go.  My guys withheld a furious charge, but let in the tying goal with fifteen seconds to go in the game.  We go to overtime, but no goals were scored, ending the game in a 3-3 tie.

It wasn’t a win, but it broke our away game losing streak.

We were playing a team ahead of us in the rankings and favored to win.  Their coach praised our team, and I think he knew they got away with one.  If they get scored on in their next league game, I’m pretty sure we win the league.  Gotta check the by-laws.  If that’s the case, a major accomplishment.

It doesn’t look like we’ll make the state playoffs, but we should end with a winning record and a lot of respect.  A good first varsity season so far.

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A little late Mr. Clapton, don’t you think?

I honestly didn’t have any idea that Eric Clapton had stopped playing his, arguably, most famous song…..

Eric Clapton is playing “Cocaine” in concert again. The recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who founded the Crossroads Centre addiction recovery center on the Caribbean island of Antigua, stopped performing the song written by J.J. Cale when he first got sober. “I thought that it might be giving the wrong message to people who were in the same boat as me,” Clapton recently told The Associated Press.

I have to admit I’m of two minds on the subject. On one hand, the time to think about whether or not to do a song is before it becomes world famous, not after. On the other hand, at least he’s trying to help out folks who might have misunderstood his playing of it. I just wish thought of this twenty years ago.

I would also be more persuaded if he took some of the money he made from the song and donated it to the Betty Ford Clinic or some other substance abuse agency. Maybe he does, but I haven’t heard about it.

It seems to me that would be a better way to fight cocaine addiction, rather than not playing a song that’s heard everyday on the radio anyway.

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Why not add another clown?

This amuses me……

A real clown is running for mayor of Alameda, and even his sister won’t vote for him.

Kenneth Kahn, 41, a professional joker known as “Kenny the Clown,” admits he’s running a long-shot campaign for City Hall’s top spot. Kahn has not previously run for an elected position and has never sat on a public board.

“People ask me, ‘Do we really want to elect a clown for mayor of the city?'” he said. “I say, ‘That’s an excellent question.'”

It is an excellent question, and considering the clowns we have in office right now.  “Kenny the Clown” should feel right at home.  There’s a reason they call politics a “circus”.

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