A “what are you doing here” moment

I was at my internship, which is helping me get through grad school sooner, when I saw this guy who looked vaguely familiar.  I got in my car and swung around to get a better look.  I was pretty sure it was who I thought it was, so I yelled his name…not very loud cause you never know.  A pause from the guy, but not total recognition, so I yelled louder….and what do you know….it turns out this guy works in the same office park I do.

Will wonders never cease.

Now if I can only get his email address so I can send him the email I promised…..

One response to “A “what are you doing here” moment”

  1. It was a heck of a surprise running into you there. The last thing I expected to see was one of my blogging buddies driving through the parking lot.

    Hopefully this gets you that email address and we’ll talk soon.

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