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Harming Kids: Part – Way too many

Another tragedy…..

The county coroner says at least six people were killed in a shooting at a one-room Amish schoolhouse, where state police said earlier a gunman killed “a number” of people Monday in Pennsylvania’s bucolic Lancaster County.

I’m not sure what the answer is on how to stop all this. Do we start arming teachers…or students? Do we fingerprint everyone? Do we lock our kids in school for the day? Do we stop trying to shield our kids from every “evil” in the world so they no longer become the softest of the “soft targets”? Do we just ignore it and say, “These are isolated incidents. Look at all the schools that didn’t have violence today.”.

I don’t have an answer, but I’m getting a little tired of kids getting the brunt of society’s problems.

Maybe if everyone on all sides of “the aisle” acted as if everyone else wanted to stop this problem, and treated possible solutions, put forward by folks who wanted to help as just that…possible solutions put forward by folks that wanted to help, rather than attack them as “evil” or “stupid” or “Nazi” or “commie” or “fascist” or “racist”. Maybe then folks would get the idea that we all actually cared about solutions rather than just scoring “political” points to further our own agendas. Maybe we could really solve this problem.

But I guess I could say that for a lot of things…

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A “what are you doing here” moment

I was at my internship, which is helping me get through grad school sooner, when I saw this guy who looked vaguely familiar.  I got in my car and swung around to get a better look.  I was pretty sure it was who I thought it was, so I yelled his name…not very loud cause you never know.  A pause from the guy, but not total recognition, so I yelled louder….and what do you know….it turns out this guy works in the same office park I do.

Will wonders never cease.

Now if I can only get his email address so I can send him the email I promised…..

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A thought RE: Mark Foley et al..

Is it possible, please, for all, and I mean ALL adults to please stop trying to have sex with kids?

I mean come on.

Oh, by the way.  Anyone who tries to play politics with this, either way, is just as sick.   Exploiting kids for any reason is downright disgusting, so let’s knock it off, shall we.

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