Why lying doesn’t work

Because you always get caught…..

The Platte Canyon High School student who told NBC’s “Today” show yesterday that he had been in the classroom at the beginning of a fatal hostage standoff was back on the program, apologizing for lying.

This kids is lucky that the guy didn’t survive.  He would have been a witness and could have been sent to jail for perjury if it got that far.

I understand why the kid lied, however.  When you have reporters from every media outlet in Colorado shoving a mike in your face, it can be a real rush.  A rush that fades quickly when they find out you can’t give them anything and swarm the next kid that pops out of the school.

The bright lights of stardom have lots of allure.

I definitely know why he came clean though…

On Thursday afternoon, Casey’s mother, who appeared with her son on the TV show, revealed that she had subsequently learned her son had lied, and had not been in the classroom.

I wish I could have heard that conversation Thursday evening.

As I tell my kids, you might as well tell the truth from the beginning, because the truth will come out eventually, the punishment will be much steeper, and the subsequent consequences will never be worth the lie in the first place.

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