Terrorism is Terrorism, even for Keith Olbermann

I heard about this via Hugh Hewitt, and I had to vent my disgust as well. Hugh wrote…

It is not funny when any citizen of the United States receives a terrorist threat. It is appropriate and indeed smart for the recipients of envelopes full of white powder to call 911. The New York Post –itself a victim of an anthrax attack– knows this, but because of its distaste for Keith Olbermann mocks the MSNBC talker for reacting appropriately when an envelope of white powder was delivered to his home.

I’m certainly no fan of Olbermann’s “News” show. I enjoyed his ESPN days, and still think he’s one of the best sports guys around, but he can be a raving idiot.

That being said, I think that anyone would, and should, freak out if they open an letter full of white powder and threats. I would be worried about anyone who didn’t freak out. Add to that the threats that were in the letter and this would be terrifying. Anyone who wouldn’t call the police is lying. I feel for Keith and I’m glad this wasn’t more serious.

I will never minimize acts of terror perpetrated against innocent people in order to make a point or to play politics. This case is no different. To make light of Olbermann’s situation is more than callous, it’s dispicable.

I have to join Hugh Hewitt, et al and condemn the New York Post for the article. You guys screwed up big time.

The interesting part of this is that some won’t understand why I would stick up for Keith Olbermann, and the truth is because I’m consistant.

To me, terrorism is terrorism. It should be taken seriously, and condemned…even when it happens to someone like Keith Olbermann.

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