And yes we do play a lot of games thank you.

Today we have the rematch of a game we played last week. Our rivals lost some guys to academics and were short-handed which led to a romp by us. We are at their place today. It’s a dirt pitch with most of their guys back. It will be a much different test today. The other bad news. We have never lost at home, but have never won away.

Hopefully we can get our first road win today. The kids have the talent, let’s see if they can finally win one away from home for once.

UPDATE: A 3-2 loss with the winning goal scored in the last 30 seconds. Not a good performance. They played too timid on a tough field. When you’re playing on a dirt field it’s imperative that you take the ball out of the air. You don’t let it bounce because it could go anywhere….especially over your head….to an onrushing attacker….twice…..resulting in two goals….or something. Challenging the ball in the air takes the field out of play. The kids need to learn how to be strong in the air.

I think we should work on that at practice tomorrow.

Did I mention we played timid? The kids don’t play strong all the time. They back away from challenges, they don’t try to get the ball back when they get dispossessed, they just don’t get stuck in (an english football phrase, not dirty, I swear). They need to learn to get “stuck in“.

We should probably work on that tomorrow as well.

It might be a long practice but, we have a very important game this Friday that we are not prepared for as of yet. We can be, but we have to sort out some things first.

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