Can we get this guy some help….Please?

Because he’s becoming a real menace

WILKES-BARRE – A city man who drove his car through a department store in the Poconos two years ago will be cited after committing another “bizarre” act on Monday which ended when he threw a jug of apple cider at an off-duty police officer, authorities said.

This guy is a real danger, what with driving his car through a department store, and all. At least the cops don’t seem concerned…

“His bizarre behavior continues,” said city police Lt. Steven Olshefski.

Ummm….thanks chief. You think maybe we could take a crazy man a little bit more seriously? I guess not…..

An officer arrived on a motorcycle and Middleton hopped on, but they couldn’t find Tosh, said Dombroski-Gebhardt. But Olshefski said police know where to find him (my emphasis) and he will be charged with summery counts of disorderly conduct, scattering rubbish and harassment.

So the cops knew about this guy because he tends to act crazy quite a bit, yet they treat him as if he was a saint bernard puppy instead of a man in serious need of some help. Even the neighbors saw it…

Olshefski said police received a few calls over the weekend about Tosh “acting silly.”

Look, it’s not like this guy is a terrorist or anything, but mentally ill people have been known to be very dangerous when ignored and left untreated. It’s not like driving through a store couldn’t have ended in tragedy. I have to say I think the cops ought to be doing just a bit more to make sure this guy doesn’t do “acting silly” in a business with, say, a couple of shotguns. Not saying it’s gonna happen, but it’s not like the warning signs aren’t there.

Protect and serve fellas, Protect and serve.

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