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When tragedy hits home

This story about the tragedy at Platte Canyon High School really hit home for me.  Platte Canyon is in our new sports league that I helped create here in Colorado.  Their AD is a great guy, who was the main force in founding the league.  The school, set in the mountains away from Denver, is beautiful.  For something so ugly to happen at the school is such a shock and a sad situation.

My prayers go out to the family of the slain girl as well as those others who had to endure the kidnapping and sexual assaults.  My prayers also go out to all the students, staff, and the families of Platte Canyon.

A terrible day.

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Terrorism is Terrorism, even for Keith Olbermann

I heard about this via Hugh Hewitt, and I had to vent my disgust as well. Hugh wrote…

It is not funny when any citizen of the United States receives a terrorist threat. It is appropriate and indeed smart for the recipients of envelopes full of white powder to call 911. The New York Post –itself a victim of an anthrax attack– knows this, but because of its distaste for Keith Olbermann mocks the MSNBC talker for reacting appropriately when an envelope of white powder was delivered to his home.

I’m certainly no fan of Olbermann’s “News” show. I enjoyed his ESPN days, and still think he’s one of the best sports guys around, but he can be a raving idiot.

That being said, I think that anyone would, and should, freak out if they open an letter full of white powder and threats. I would be worried about anyone who didn’t freak out. Add to that the threats that were in the letter and this would be terrifying. Anyone who wouldn’t call the police is lying. I feel for Keith and I’m glad this wasn’t more serious.

I will never minimize acts of terror perpetrated against innocent people in order to make a point or to play politics. This case is no different. To make light of Olbermann’s situation is more than callous, it’s dispicable.

I have to join Hugh Hewitt, et al and condemn the New York Post for the article. You guys screwed up big time.

The interesting part of this is that some won’t understand why I would stick up for Keith Olbermann, and the truth is because I’m consistant.

To me, terrorism is terrorism. It should be taken seriously, and condemned…even when it happens to someone like Keith Olbermann.

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And yes we do play a lot of games thank you.

Today we have the rematch of a game we played last week. Our rivals lost some guys to academics and were short-handed which led to a romp by us. We are at their place today. It’s a dirt pitch with most of their guys back. It will be a much different test today. The other bad news. We have never lost at home, but have never won away.

Hopefully we can get our first road win today. The kids have the talent, let’s see if they can finally win one away from home for once.

UPDATE: A 3-2 loss with the winning goal scored in the last 30 seconds. Not a good performance. They played too timid on a tough field. When you’re playing on a dirt field it’s imperative that you take the ball out of the air. You don’t let it bounce because it could go anywhere….especially over your head….to an onrushing attacker….twice…..resulting in two goals….or something. Challenging the ball in the air takes the field out of play. The kids need to learn how to be strong in the air.

I think we should work on that at practice tomorrow.

Did I mention we played timid? The kids don’t play strong all the time. They back away from challenges, they don’t try to get the ball back when they get dispossessed, they just don’t get stuck in (an english football phrase, not dirty, I swear). They need to learn to get “stuck in“.

We should probably work on that tomorrow as well.

It might be a long practice but, we have a very important game this Friday that we are not prepared for as of yet. We can be, but we have to sort out some things first.

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A posting disclaimer

Just an FYI. Sometimes I look through a post and see a word misspelled or out of context. I will go in a fix it without updating you reader(s).

I won’t go in and change any post substance without letting you know.

To recap: change spelling no alert…..change substance? You’ll know

Just so you know.

UPDATE:   Stacy has pointed out that the date is wrong.  I fixed that and eventually it will be right…..eventually.


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Can we get this guy some help….Please?

Because he’s becoming a real menace

WILKES-BARRE – A city man who drove his car through a department store in the Poconos two years ago will be cited after committing another “bizarre” act on Monday which ended when he threw a jug of apple cider at an off-duty police officer, authorities said.

This guy is a real danger, what with driving his car through a department store, and all. At least the cops don’t seem concerned…

“His bizarre behavior continues,” said city police Lt. Steven Olshefski.

Ummm….thanks chief. You think maybe we could take a crazy man a little bit more seriously? I guess not…..

An officer arrived on a motorcycle and Middleton hopped on, but they couldn’t find Tosh, said Dombroski-Gebhardt. But Olshefski said police know where to find him (my emphasis) and he will be charged with summery counts of disorderly conduct, scattering rubbish and harassment.

So the cops knew about this guy because he tends to act crazy quite a bit, yet they treat him as if he was a saint bernard puppy instead of a man in serious need of some help. Even the neighbors saw it…

Olshefski said police received a few calls over the weekend about Tosh “acting silly.”

Look, it’s not like this guy is a terrorist or anything, but mentally ill people have been known to be very dangerous when ignored and left untreated. It’s not like driving through a store couldn’t have ended in tragedy. I have to say I think the cops ought to be doing just a bit more to make sure this guy doesn’t do “acting silly” in a business with, say, a couple of shotguns. Not saying it’s gonna happen, but it’s not like the warning signs aren’t there.

Protect and serve fellas, Protect and serve.

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