The Colorado Buff football team was so close, leading 13-0 in the fourth quarter….and then the COLLAPSE. Georgia scores two touchdowns in the last couple minutes and C.U. loses their fourth of the year.

I know Georgia is #9 in the country and C.U. should have had no chance, but if you have an opportunity to win the game, you gotta close it out. I’m happy we beat the spread by 26 points, but the Buffs had Georgia and let the win slip through their fingers.

Nice improvement, but now it’s time to see wins. Especially after today.

It’s time to start Big12 play now and Colorado needs real victories, not moral ones.

One response to “AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!”

  1. It was pathetic and sad – sort of like opening the junkmail that says “you have already won” when you are 8 years old – only to find out it’s all a scam.

    Good to find you well and blogging again, I never did find a nice conservative place to settle and get myself all fired up about things during your ‘sabbatical’

    [fka MLRMPEM]

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