One more thing regarding Venezuela

My girlfriend is Venezuelan, as liberal as can be, and a fervent anti-chavista (which makes me happy because she refuses to wear red. To her it’s Chavez, to me red means Nebraska. I’m still not certain who’s worse (just kidding you bug-eaters, even you’re not that bad)). She reminds me, as does Michelle Malkin, that you should boycott CITGO, which is the national oil company of Venezuela. Hugo Chavez uses CITGO oil money to bully and bribe parts of South America and the world.

Chavez also announced that Citgo, the US subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-run PDVSA oil company, would more than double the amount of heating oil it gives to poor American families to 100 million gallons this winter. He said the oil would be distributed in 18 states and that recipients would include a Native American group in Alaska.

But, would you really buy gas from a 7-11? Yeah, I wouldn’t either. That’s why not using CITGO gas is more a common sense decision then a boycott.

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