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Archrival Soccer Game tomorrow

We play our archrivals tomorrow in a key league game. My kids started figuring it out today and I think they’re starting to understand how to keep control of the game and dominate another team. We’ll see, but I know we have the talent, we just need to put it all together. The team is still undefeated at home in the history of the school, and the team understands the importance of winning at home, so that should help the effort.

I’d like to see a “best effort” game. I hope it happens.

UPDATE: I was looking for a best effort game today and got it today with a 10-0 win. The other team was missing some players but our guys put it to them and didn’t let up. A good win, which should propel the team to greater heights.

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A Short Thought about Religion

I’m just not very receptive to any religion that insists that I either join or be killed. If all religions would figure that out I’d be eternally grateful.


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Thoughts on Grad School

As much as I complain, I do like going to grad school. I like learning new stuff, but if I have to hear the words “Postmodernism”, or “paradigm” I might just freak out. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the lessons learned, but I dream of a class that is a “tell it like it is” class. A class where folks don’t feel they have to use the biggest, oddest words possible.

In “tell it like it is” class “paradigms” will only be used when talking about making change.

Way more interesting and productive doing it that way.


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