I may be the only one left, but Go C.U.. As a hopeless optimist I still believe in the Colorado Football team. That disclaimer aside, if Bryan Jackson can move the team at all and score more then one touchdown, the defense can get some rest and get better, I think this team will have a chance to upset Arizona State tonight.

But the fact that that predictiction includes a “hedge” to rival the best gardens in Europe….we it just sticks in my craw.

I’m confident in Dan Hawkins abilities and I know it wll get better, but I’d really, really like to see it getting better sooner, rather than later.

This would be a nice place to start….

I’m not saying I’m not patient, but it gets hard to sit in the snow when the team’s getting beat by…well….everybody.

Give me a reason to come watch you in a snow storm…..

UPDATE: Well…..piss…..21-3. The defense played great…again, but the offense struggled….again. At least Hugh Charles stepped up. Rushing for over 100 yards should have been a spark.

The big problem? The Offensive Line and the receivers. I like that they’re getting better, but this won’t be a whole season sort of thing. Someone on offense is going to have to be accountable to the defense who keeps the teams in games.

I was wondering why Hawkins was looking for O-line and receiver recruits. Now I know.

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