I Just saw this on AP:

A recent House of Representatives committee report on Iran’s nuclear capability is “outrageous and dishonest” in trying to make a case that Tehran’s program is geared toward making weapons, a senior official of the U.N. nuclear watchdog has said.

Somehow I just don’t believe the UN.

The letter, which was first reported on by The Washington Post, also says the report erroneously says that IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei removed a senior nuclear inspector from the team investigating Iran’s nuclear program “for concluding that the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program is to construct weapons.”

In fact, the inspector was sidelined on Tehran’s request, and the Islamic republic had a right to ask for a replacement under agreements that govern all states relationships with the agency, said the letter, calling the report’s version “incorrect and misleading.”

So let me get this straight. The UN is objecting to a report by the United States Congress on the basis that it wasn’t the UN that removed an inspector but that it was IRAN that objected to the inspector which led to his removal.

Paint me pink and call me a tutu, but it seems to me that the fact that Iran doesn’t want this guy around is a pretty good indication that the guy is doing a good job of calling out Iran on all the sneaky shit its doing regarding its nuclear bomb electricity program. I fully support folks making sure some crackpot doesn’t get nukes.

But that’s just me…

I just hope that in my lifetime, the UN gets moved to somewhere instead of on U.S. property so they can actually experience the turmoil and strife that they constantly pretend doesn’t exist.

I vote for the UN to relocate to Darfur or Tel Aviv…..

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