So you might be wondering what made me come back to the blogosphere? Well the complaints by my girlfriend about me recreating my fiercest talk show moments with her was one thing. The rumors that I had disappeared off the face of the earth, maliciously spread by Stacy (who did have a post that started the whole thing…It was similar to this), Rae, and Zombyboy, certainly had to be addressed. But what happened at the Denver Oktoberfest was what finally set me over the edge.

Now, I’m a sucker for any holiday that urges, nay requires, folks to drink heavily, dance, and sing in different languages. So off we went, my brother, my girlfriend, and myself (joined later by fellow Denver University grad school classmates). We were enjoying ourselves by drinking, doing the chicken dance, drinking, people watching, drinking, chatting, drinking, toasting and THEN drinking, doing the chicken dance, and drinking when I noticed a group of guys standing behind me speaking German. I don’t think they were German, however, because the only thing they were saying was “Heil Hitler”.


We tried to ignore them, but I guess the goose stepping and “heil Hitler-ing” wasn’t giving them the attention they thought they deserved so they started another chant. Soon the heartwarming chant of “Kill the Jews, kill the Jews” started spreading amongst the ten or so upstanding members of our community.

Real Nice.

My girlfriend (along with our grad school friends), seeing the steam blasting from my ears, made sure I couldn’t go over to pick the fight that, however right I was to pick it, would have been personally physically painful…very, very painful.

What hurt me the most though, was the reaction from the rest of the crowd. There was no reaction. Sure, people seemed angry that these guys were making a ruckus, but the fact that they were anti-semetic rolled off the crowd like water off a duck’s back. All I could think was “What is wrong with all these people”.

It certainly left a bad taste in my mouth….that and the not quite done brat that left me with food poisoning all day Saturday.

I think it was the brat…there were a lot of things making me nauseous that weekend. Even my large, loud, party favor agreed with me (a rarity indeed).

So with my first rant after returning, let me give all those “kill the Jews” chanters out there some advice. If me, and my large, loud, party favor agree that you’re all a bunch of maggots that deserve your head bashed in….well…let’s just say you should probably keep your opinions to yourself next time because next time I might be with the large, loud, party favor and friends…and then it’s on…you fucking racists.

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